If you’ve heard the whispered excitement but never experienced it for yourself, you might be wondering exactly what is JADA chicken salt. Well, wonder no more! We’ve got the full scoop!

JADA Chicken Salt, classified as a “spice and seasoning” or an “all-purpose vegan seasoning,” is a healthy and tasty alternative to table salt. It is also vegan and free of all of the major allergens, including egg, dairy, soy, gluten and peanut.

The salt comes in 6 different varieties:

  • Original
  • Reduced sodium
  • Lime
  • BBQ
  • Turmeric
  • Red pepper

It’s widely loved and recommended among vegan, keto and paleo circles, as well as among individuals who prefer preservative and additive free spices.

It is a perfect for almost everything and anything, whether in cooking, barbeque, grilling, or seitan rubs. Sprinkle it on popcorn, garlic bread, tofu scramble, fries, vegetables, curry, pizza, salad or hummus!

So, if you are looking for a unique and excellent seasoning partner, kitchen best friend and meal buddy, look no further! This is the answer to your problems!

The salt is 100% original, Parve vegan seasoning. Its unique chicken flavor is created with only unrefined sea salt, onion and garlic powder, and quality turmeric. It has zero chicken products and zero manufactured additives. It’s gluten and MSG free, paleo, keto, and vegan compatible, used as a good choice over any table salt chicken bouillon.

Reviews of JADA Chicken Salt

As we’ve mentioned, this is one seasoning with a rabid fan base!

Here’s just a small sampling of what some of those fans have to say about the chicken salt.

VEGAN CERTIFIED: Did you know that despite the name ‚ÄúChicken Salt”, it remains a zero-chicken ingredient, even it tastes like chicken, thus, is completely safe and very unique! This standouts to all the vegans out there!

NON-GMO CERTIFIED: All the ingredients in all of the variated JADA Chicken Salt seasonings are GMO free!

ZERO MANUFACTURED FOOD ADDITIES: JADA Chicken Salt is the result of the combined powers of onion and garlic powders, and turmeric and the unrefined sea salt. It has zero caking agents, MSG, sugar, soy, and dangerous life threatening chemicals!

GLUTEN FREE: People which are highly sensitive to gluten can readily and fully enjoy Jada Chicken Salt seasoning.

PALEO DIET COMPATIBLE: The over-all ingredients in JADA Chicken Salt is safely suitable for any modern nutritional diet, like paleo and keto.

SAY GOODBYE TO ORDINARY SALT AND CHICKEN BOUILLON: For starters, this is a great and excellent alternative to a table salt use. This is because JADA Chicken Salt seasoning uses only safe sea salt that is unrefined with a proven refreshing different flavor! So even the need of chicken bouillon is not a worry anymore for this seasoning does not contain the same ingredient, including those meat extracts, MSG and dangerous toxics or chemicals in a chicken bouillon. You can readily use this seasoning in multiple usages!

Why should you try it?

JADA Chicken Salt can be bought in a 5 flavorful combo, namely, Original, Reduced Sodium, Red Pepper, Lime, and Barbecue, as cited on Food Network (who also loves this seasoning)!

Each of the seasonings have their own unique taste that sets them apart from each other. Try it with any cuisine, including Mediterranean, Indian, Italian, Greek, or Cajun.

If you haven’t yet tried this salt, we recommend running out today and picking some up. Or, head over to Amazon and order yourself some JADA Chicken Salt today. You won’t regret it!

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